Finish Action - Go to URL Can yo uopen the URL in a new window?

Oct 06, 2011

I need to create a finish action at the end of a quiz when the user passes the quiz that takes them to a URL.  However, it must open in a new window.  How can that be done?  I don't seem to be able to include HTML code in the Go to URL field.

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David Burton


Fort a standalone Quizmaker quiz, you need to modify the OpenUrl function in the published quiz_content\quiz.js file.

Around line # 705 this function starts. Modify as follows but be sure to have a backup before proceeding.

after line 715: var bFullScreen = (strWindowSize.toLowerCase() == "fullscreen");

add: var strWindow = "_blank";

after line 790 (the 2nd 'Try' statement): try {


// Set your popup window options :: 1 = NO, 0=Off
strOptions += "width=" + nWndWidth + ", ";
strOptions += "height=" + nWndHeight + ", ";
// To use default screen size comment out strOptions width and height below
strOptions += "width=800 ";
strOptions += ", height=600 ";
strOptions += ", status=1 ";
strOptions += ", toolbar=1 ";
strOptions += ", location=1 ";
strOptions += ", menubar=1 ";
strOptions += ", scrollbars=1 ";
strOptions += ", resizable=1 ";
// remove strOptions to open in a new Tab and comment out line below (IE will still open in a new window if user browser settings are set to do this)
//oNewWnd =, strWindow);
oNewWnd =, strWindow, strOptions);

Please note the above changes are NOT supported by Articulate. Testing how this change works in other browsers or outside of the expected outcome is up to you. As you know, some browsers do not like popup windows and might get blocked. Opening in a Tab might be safer.

I hope this helps!

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