Force Resume?

I have a situation where I am creating a quiz that will allow users to test out of a requirement.  They must score 100%.

The only problem I have encountered so far is that if they miss a question, they can just close out of the exam and start over.

I know that you can turn on the item to ask if they want to resume where they left off, but is there a way to force them to resume - to pick up where they left off so that they cannot go back and retake?

I'm using Articulate with Taleo Learn, if that helps any.

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Andrea Mandal

Thanks! I actually used one of those suggestions. Here's what I did, for people in a similar situation:

1.       Add a line of JavaScript that tells the LMS to always go to the last viewed slide in player.html - before the slidenum variable is called, I added slidenum = String(g_SlideLastViewed); to the line above. (This was the suggestion I got from the older thread)

2.       Don’t put ANY feedback in the Quizmaker at all – not even a pass or fail result slide, so they’re forced to click Finish and get off the quiz slide. This way, it can’t restart from the beginning

3.       On pass, go to a slide that says “Congrats, you passed”

4.       On fail, go to a slide that says “You did not pass, take a remedial course instead”

5.     Make sure that user can view slides after quiz at any time (this helps avoid an error message)

6.     Set the view to only "no sidebar view" so they can't move around

7.       Lock the navigation on the pass result and fail result slides