Getting rid of scroll bar in Slide View of Quizmaker

Apr 03, 2012

I'm using Quizmaker Slide view and on multiple choice slides, a scroll bar appears on the right of the slide, even though all of the content can be viewed without scrolling. Is there a way to get rid of this scroll bar? When users take the quiz, they're not able to move ahead on multiple choice slides until they scroll down to the bottom of the slide.

Thanks, Donna

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Donna Marino

Ron Price said:

In the Quiz Player you can disable the "require users to scroll . . ." option.  Also, I would check and make sure that the placeholder for the answer text boxes (dashed rectangle) is not at below the bottom edge of the Quiz canvas, as that will create that issue as well.

Thanks, Ron. That did the trick (not requiring users to scroll).

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