Getting the "Retry Quiz" button onto the feedback panel

Sep 28, 2015

I am having a bit of an issue moving from Quizmaker 09 to 13. Hopefully I am missing something very basic...

When I have a formative or reflective question with no results slide (i.e. not a "quiz" or a "test" that's recorded on an LMS, just a single question with feedback that is embedded in the flow of slides), the functionality now seems quite problematic with Quizmaker 13.

In Quizmaker 09, with a question setup that seeks to allow unlimited attempts with no scoring (just a bit of feedback on the learner's choices), the feedback panel includes a button that allows the learner to easily reset the quiz and try again without changing slides - "Retry quiz" (see attached). This means that even though the learner's answers are remembered when navigating away, the learner can immediately and easily retry the quiz at the click of a single button, even if they come back to the question later. Which is great...

However in Quizmaker 13, it seems there is only a "Continue" button. The question options the learner has chosen are remembered and cannot ever be reset or changed unless you either create a results slide that allows the learner to view their result and try the "quiz" again (even though it's just a question with some feedback), or restart the course (making sure the "resume" functionality is completely disabled). Which is not great at all when creating courses that use formative questions...

Any ideas on how to work with this new feature without creating a results slide for every individual formative question? Or am I missing something...

Thanks, Sasha

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Sasha Scott

Hi Leslie - thanks for the reply. However that setting just seems to lock the question so that the learner cannot proceed to the next slide until they have answered the question correctly, which is not what I am trying to achieve... I want the learner to be able to navigate freely between slides at all times (including the option of skipping answering the question altogether by clicking the Next button) and get the answer wrong as many times as they want to, without having the navigation restricted in any way (as was easily possible with Articulate Studio 09). I dimly recall that the Quizmaker version before 09 had the same problem as this (needing to create a Results slide in order to provide a non-scored, non-mandatory question with unlimited attempts)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sasha! I didn't understand what you were needing I think. Thanks for the clarification.

Sounds like this feature is what you are looking for:

  • Submit all at once: Choose this option to let learners wait to submit their answers until they’re completely finished with the quiz. They can move back and forth among the questions, and they can even change their answers at any time until they submit them at the end of the quiz. Quizmaker won’t display feedback after questions, since choices aren't evaluated till they're submitted. This approach works well if you don’t need to show question-specific feedback or use branching. It's also a good option if you don’t want the learner to know how they did on the quiz until the end.

You can read more about that here.

Sasha Scott

Hi Leslie

I'm afraid that's still not it, as I want the learner to see the feedback on submit, and also be able to retry immediately or at any later time during the session, with free navigation backwards and forwards, without requiring a results screen.

Looking at your answers and other queries on the forum I am guessing that it's not possible to do this any more if a developer is using Studio 13 (as opposed to Studio 09)

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