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Apr 25, 2015

I've seen many posts regarding the quiz reset, but I have another reset issue in QuizMaker '13.

I have knowledge check points in between course content, and these are just formative assessment that does not need to be graded. I set two attempts and no points for each question, and chosen no result displayed. However, as everyone mentioned once a user fails the question and retry it, the previous answers are not cleared. This is probably fine with most of the question types because the users can easily figure out how to do it, but for the freeform drag & drop it is difficult since all items have been dropped to their target and they are overlayed.

Attaced is an example. As you can see that the user has to drag the options back to the blank space in order to retry to anser the question.

Is there any way to clear the answer/sreset the question in QuizMaker '13?

Thanks in advance!



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Susan Stewart

Grace and Ashley...any news?  I am finding that even with those settings (do not resume in quizmaker player) I cannot get the quiz to reset when participants jump back to look at prior content.  This is problematic because they cannot move beyond the required questions in order to see the remaining content...but they cannot complete the quiz/survey questions because it is not resetting the questions to the initial state.  Help...please!

Thank you!


Susan Stewart

I submitted a ticket and here is what Vevette shared with me after working inside my module:

With the restricted navigation, the slides need to be completed before the 'Next' button is enabled. But for the question slide, the 'Submit' button is able to bypass the restricted navigation so the user is able to go to the next slide by clicking 'Submit' even when the slide has not yet completed. When the user goes back to this question slide, it then continues with the 'Next' button disabled until the slide completes. I've confirmed that if I had allowed the question slides to complete before submitting my answer, I'm able to move forward with the 'Next' button when I go back to the slide.

One possible workaround I thought of is to set the answer choices to show towards the end of the timeline (when the audio finishes) similar to what you did with the 'Continue' button.

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