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Oct 29, 2013

Hi - 

We have always set our quizzes up that when a user fails and clicks Finish, it goes back to the first content slide so they can review the content and then retry the quiz. However, with Quizmaker '13, when they get back to the quiz slide the answers are not reset - it holds the previous answers. It appears the only way they could possibly retake the quiz is to click Next through each answered question and then click Retry Quiz on the results slide.

In '09, when they got back to the quiz it would be reset and they could attempt the quiz again. Is there a way in '13 to reset the quiz answers when the Finish button is pressed if the user failed the quiz? 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary,

The only actions associated with the "Finish" button are to close the window or jump to a URL. I'd suggest using the Retry button so that they can click on it while still in the window. If you'd like the Quiz to be reset overall when they've closed out the Quiz window, you'd need to change the Resume behavior to "Never resume."

If you'd like so suggest another Finish option, I'd suggest submitting a feature request.  

Mary Schoeller

O.k., did a little more testing as it did work in '09, so thought I might be missing something else. It seems what is happening is in certain instances the Results slide (with the Retry Quiz button) is not displaying correctly.  Not sure I'll be able to fully explain this, but it appears the issue is with Engage and the Quizmaker Results slide. If I don't have Engage in the file, seems to work fine. I set up a test project with 3 slides, an Engage interaction, and a quiz.

- If a user passes, all is good.

- If a user fails, they can retry the quiz immediately using the Retry Quiz button on the Results slide.

- If a user fails and wants to review the course, here is what I believe should happen:

  1. Clicks Finish
  2. Brought to first slide in course
  3. Clicks through the content slides to get to the quiz
  4. Quiz slide shows Results layer with Retry Quiz button

I've found that IF the Engage interaction is the slide right before the quiz, steps 1 - 3 work, but when the user gets to the Quiz slide, it comes up to the first quiz question (already completed from the previous attempt) instead of the Results layer with the Retry Quiz button.

IF I have a "regular" slide in between the Engage interaction and the Quiz, all works as it should - comes right to the Results slide with the Retry Quiz button. But, when my co-worker tried this it didn't seem to work for her ..???

Oh, and it acts this way for me no matter what Resume option I have selected.

Let me know if you need project files, screen shots, more info ...

Thanks again,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary, 

Thanks for the additional information on what troubleshooting steps you've tried - I didn't realize from your first post that there was an Engage interaction too, all included in one Presenter (?) file. So, what would probably be best at this point is to package up your Presenter files according to the directions here and share them with our Support team so that we can see what's happening. 

Mary Schoeller

Hi Ashley - 

Wilbert did contact me and supply links to the courses he tried in SCORM Cloud. Unfortunately when I tried the test course with the link he sent, I still have the same issue. I emailed him this morning with some more detail on the issue and screen captures hoping that will help explain the issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Mary for the update. I'll continue to follow along, but I wonder, if the scenario with a blank slide in between the Quizmaker and Engage file allows you to have the correct behavior, could you use that with maybe a "loading image" inserted onto the slide so that the user thinks it's just a normal loading process, set that slide to advance automatically? You can also set the time a slide without audio,video, animations would display within the publish settings like below:

Kathy Rush

Yes, I have tried everything.  I have opened multiple tickets and been told it no longer works like it did in '09.  My situation is similar to the one with the post titled "Quiz does not reset after user has failed" in February of this year.  The final response was that Articulate would be willing to work with her on a refund even if she is passed her 30 day period.  I see other similar tickets and forums open about this same issue.  The only solution is for your team to come up with a fix.  We need this feature restored.  Even though we purchased new '13 licenses, all middle school teachers at my location are still using '09 because of this issue.  I have one lesson in the '13 and several hundred in '09.  I will not be writing any additional lessons in '13 until you fix this.  Other teachers here are talking about switching to Captivate.  Without this feature, Captivate is the logical choice.  It is much cheaper and fits our needs as well as the current '13 does.

Amy H.

I see. So that setting would disable bookmarking for the entire course, so no can do. :)

It looks like older versions of Quizmaker did reset the quiz without learners having to click the Retry Quiz button, but not in 13.

The existing courses I'm converting to 13 want the learner to review the material and then retry the quiz. but I can't see a way to do that. I was hoping to add a hyperlink to the Retry button that would go back to the beginning of the content, but didn't see a hyperlink option in Quizmker. Is that correct?




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