Graded Hot Spot Question issue

Jul 06, 2018

When I preview the individual graded hot spot question slides in my QM360 file, they work perfectly. However, when I try to preview the entire quiz or publish it to AR, no matter where I click on the hot spot slide nothing happens. I can't go to the next slide because it says I haven't answered the question.

This particular quiz is mostly hot spot questions, but the other question types are working fine.

Anyone else having this issue?

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Martin Allgeier

Hi Alyssa,

It seems that I have similar problem with Drag & Drop questions and multiple choice questions within a Storyline 360 Project. Yesterday, I was able to activate the preview for the multiple choice questions. Only the Drag & Drop question did not work in preview. Today, it does not even work after I published the module. However, one of my colleagues did not have a problem with the same file.

Any ideas what I can do?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin,

First, I'd check if you and your colleague are using the same version of Storyline.  You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline".  

If you're both on the same version, next I'd check that when you're accessing the file you both are doing so locally and adhering to the other guidelines here. 

If you're still seeing some discrepancy between you and your colleagues' versions, can you share a copy with our Support Team to take a look at? They'll delete it when done troubleshooting. 

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