Hot Spot button is grayed out

I'm trying to do a hot spot question in a quiz. The Add Hotspot button is grayed out. It doesn't matter if I'm in form view or slide view, it's still not available. On top of that, when I try to save and close, it gives the message, "This question must include a hot spot." How can I add a hotspot when it won't let me?

I've tried deleting the quiz, saving my file, and rebooting my computer, hoping it would reset something in Quizmaker. No luck. Does anyone have any solution? Thanks!

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Dario Savoretti

Friends, I am trying to change pictures in an already built hot spot question in a quiz but I can't.

If I choose to insert it while in Form View, then I cannot move the new one to front or delete the current one.

If I choose to use the Choose Image button the image is locked in a specific dimensions and cannot be changed. . .

Is there anything you know I can do. . .?