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Diane Smith

Have you tried a survey slide - instead of a scored quiz slide?  Survey slides are not scored.

However, if you DO want the question scored but don't want the learner to see the Results Slide AND you want the LMS to show passed/incomplete or completed/incomplete based on that quiz slide (or quiz bank, etc), you can do this:

Add a Results Slide that reports against those quiz questions, and keep it in in it's own scene that is not linked to any other scenes or slides.

Add a Slide Trigger in a later slide (I put mine on the last slide) that says "Submit results (Results Slide) When the timeline starts (Last slide)"

SCORM reports the quiz results to the LMS as "complete" based on quiz scoring.

I hope this helps others.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alonzo, 

I'm so sorry you were struggling with this install issue! I saw your post in a few spots, but I just responded over here.  You've mentioned Storyline 2 and Storyline 3, so if you're not sure which version your using let's keep the discussion going in that other post and we'll get you all fixed up! 

Please know that our Support Engineers are available 24/7 by submitting a case here. They're always happy to help