How can I remove the take again button in a quiz?

Jan 11, 2024

Our quiz you can retake until you receive 80%. But also when you acieve 100% the button take over is still there. I can not find anything in the settings. Han anyone help, we would like to remove it, as soon as someone passed 100%. 

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Eric Santos

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community, Simon! 🎉

I'm happy to help! By using triggers, it's possible to hide the Retake Quiz button after the learner gets a 100% score. From your description, it sounds like you already have something set up to allow learners to retake the quiz until they reach 80%.

Can you share your Storyline file with us so we can look at what is already in place and suggest modifications based on existing variables and triggers? You may also share it privately by sending it along in a support case. We'll delete it when we're done testing!