How do you make links to Quizmaker on a Wordpress website?

May 22, 2012

I'd like to create a website.  I loaded a Quizmaker quiz onto the Wordpress site in a section called "Vocabulary".  When I open Vocabulary, the quiz opens.  I want there to be a link to the quiz, and I'd like to have more links to other quizzes and Presenter/PPT/Quizmaker projects on this page.  Is there an easy way to do this?

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David Anderson

Just wanted to follow up with you regarding If you are using their service, then you won't be able to embed your projects into your posts. WordPress strips out the ability to add iframes and other embed tags:

But the good news is that doesn't matter! In fact, it's probably better if you don't embed it since you'd have to shrink the project down in size.

My preferred way is to use one or more screenshots with links out to the full-sized, published version.

Here's a quick demo I put together in my test account.

David Anderson

Thanks, Josh. When you say "Wordpress site' do you mean it's hosted off of this site: or is it a site that you installed WordPress on like a GoDaddy or MediaTemple hosted site?

Sorry to keep asking but this makes a difference in what you can and can't do.

For example, I have a wordpress site hosted on my own servers here: Because it's self hosted, I can upload my own files using an FTP program. sites (hosted on WordPress' servers) don't give you that option. If that's where you're hosting your site, then something like the demo I shared above is your best option: That's where you'd include a thumbnail of your project and link to another server that holds your content.

David Anderson

Thanks, Nina.

Does the example I shared make sense? Since you're using, you'll need a place to post your course files.

Many of us use AmazonS3's service which offers a couple gigs of free space. That would probably be your best option. You could also use Dropbox for projects, but Dropbox doesn't offer some things that web servers have like caching. That just means your files will load slower from Dropbox than they would from a web server like Amazon, GoDaddy or MediaTemple.

David Anderson

Well, they wouldn't necessarily be "off the site" as they would be uploaded using something other than WordPress. You could still use your own domain name's account and server space to store the files. That probably didn't make sense

It looks like HostGator offers one-click installs of WordPress so that's good. And yes, Host:Gator is a hosting company so you'd have your own domain name ( for example) and there you could install a folder (Quizmaker) where you could upload all your projects. That would totally work.

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