Apply a Quizmaker template to another Quizmaker quiz

Aug 03, 2011

Hello all. I'm updating a quiz for a project. I'd like to apply a Quizmaker player template to this new quiz. The template I'd like to use is used in a totally different quiz. Is there a way to "import" this Quizmaker player template into the new quiz?

If not, what is the most efficient way to apply this template to the new quiz (if possible, I want to avoid having to manually set the new quiz's template settings).



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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Ashley,

Once you customize a player template in Quizmaker, it'll be available for other quizzes you build. In Quizmaker, open the quiz to which you want to apply your customized player template, and then do this:

  1. Click Player Templates.
  2. In the window that appears, scroll to the player template you want to use, and select it.
  3. Click Apply to Project.

Lee Sledd

So if I make changes to the template while one quiz file is open, those changes will be applied across other quiz files that use the same template? Do they all refer to the same template file somehow once they are published? I have a series of quizzes linked to one another, so there are multiple quiz files and folders functioning as a whole-  I need them to look consistent.

Jeanette Brooks

Hello Lee,

Are you referring to the quiz player template? (That's what controls the colors of the quiz player, the text labels on the player features, the player language, etc.). If so, then yes, any changes you make to the player template will affect other quizzes that use the same player template, if you republish those quizzes. Modifying a quiz player template won't affect the appearance of any quizzes you've already published. 

Taylor Scanlon

Dear Ashley and Brian,

I am in my third day of evaluating your product and have wasted two of those days trying to get a simple quiz formatted the way I want it. It is hard to believe that after all these months, you don't have a demo set up that explain obscure points like these:

1. An overview of PPT Themes vs. PPT Templates vs. Quizmaker Themes vs. Quizmaker Templates vs. Player Templates and what is included in what - e.g. when I save a files, which one of these design templates are included for re-use.

2. "You can only SAVE a Quizmaker Template if you open Quizmaker directly - e.g. not thru PPT or SP??? I pity the thousands of hours wasted by people like me trying to figure that one out.

3. You cannot change the text blocks in the QUizmaker Slide Master - another terrible deviation for PPT standards.

4. Finally,  a specific question for you today - I have created a quiz (10 multiple choice questions) and have saved a .quiztemplate. I have followed Ashley's tutorial trying to figure out how to "Apply the .quizemplate to All the Questions in the Existing Quiz." Following your directions, I open the first slide in the Quiz and go to >Slide View > Design and try to Browse Themes (??) for the .quiztempalte that I saved. When I find it, and try to apply it, the system says it is not a QuizMaster theme. The same thig happens if I try this from the Slide Master window. So my questions is smply, "How to Apply the .quiztemplate to All the Questions in the Existing Quiz?"

Thanks for your help

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jeff, once you download the file, if it's in zip format, make sure to extract the contracts (right-click the zip file in your Windows Explorer, and choose extract). Then, if the file has a quiztemplate extension, you should be able to just double-click the file and it will create a new quiz in Quizmaker, based on that template. Then you can save and customize your quiz.

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