Importing quiz questions and applying destination theme

I'm trying to set up a standard look and feel for multiple users in Quizmaker '13. I've set up both a theme and template using the look and feel, but I can't get either of them to work the way I think they should. I'm probably doing something wrong, so I was wondering if anyone else had run into this situation. Here are my two scenarios in a nutshell:

Scenario #1 (theme): If I open an existing quiz and apply my theme to the quiz, it only partially works. The background will change, but the text color doesn't change in either the question stem or response items.

Scenario #2 (template): If I create a new quiz from my template and import existing quiz questions, none of the destination theme's colors or font settings apply to the imported questions.

I have attached the theme and template I have been working with to this point. Has anyone run into a similar problem before?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

Are you unable to follow the steps here to apply the theme consistently across slides or to specific slides?  I was able to open your template and saw the theme you selected and adding in new slide took on that theme and if I importing in slides, I could then choose after the fact to apply that particular theme but they kept their original formatting. 

Andy Wood

I tried those steps, but the formatting did not apply correctly. If I create a new quiz with the template, then new questions work fine but imported questions do not. If I try to apply the theme after importing, the background color will change, but nothing else. Also, if I try to apply the theme to an existing quiz, the new theme will change the background color but not the text.

Is that the behavior I should expect?