How to allow either answers to a question to be correct

Jul 13, 2012

Hi, I am a first time user and am attempting to create a quiz slide (inside a presentation) that can be used to acknowledge that the presentation has been read and terms accepted. Then when it is added to our LMS and the question is answered, that the course shows a completed status.

I can't figure out how to create the question so that it doesn't matter which response is chosen so the status will show as complete.

When I do it now both answers need to be checked to proceed.

Can this be done? 

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David Anderson

Hi Jane! Welcome to E-learning Heroes

Good question and it's really easy to do in Quizmaker.

One way is to set up a true/false question. Set number of tries to unlimited so the learner is always prompted to select the agree choice. Attached is a sample quiz for you to look at. If you have any questions please let us know!

Jane Smart

Thanks so much for the response, however, it doesn't really address my issue - and the fault with that is mine...I should have phrased the question differently - I should have asked "How to allow all answers to a question to be correct" - what I want to be able to do it have the person complete the slide regardless of their choice. So if they click on "I agree" they will get a correct response message pop up and will be marked complete or if they choose "I disagree" they will get a correct response message pop up and will be marked complete.

In any case I discovered that by using a Survey question I was able to do what  I needed! I am really loving Articulate...

David Anderson

Hi Jane!

I'm sorry that didn't work, but I totally understand what you're trying to do now. You can disable the pass and fail results slide for the question. In the first example, we disabled only the pass results. Disable both now.

Also, set Feedback to None to cancel out the Unlimited number of tries. We don't care of the learner answers correctly, we just want them to answer and move on.

Finally, in your publish settings, you'll probably need to change track and and reporting to track slides viewed instead of score results. Here's a quick overview of what that looks like:

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