Images reaching edges of Quiz

Feb 15, 2012

I have an image object. I created the image in PowerPoint and made sure it reached the left, right, and bottom of the slide. I saved the image from PowerPoint. I then try to import the image onto my Quiz slide however, the dimesions do not meet the edges of the slide. If I try to drag the image size to reach the bottom of the slide, a scroll bar appears. I definitely do not want a scroll bar. Any ideas?

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James Starr


I found the issue. It's actually the fact that when I save the image from PowerPoint (Save as Picture...) the resulting file contains a transparent border causing the image to be slightly reduced in size. So when you look at the picture I attached above, you can see the border.

My workaround was to create the bottom orance image in Photoshop with the exact  width the Quizmaker slide is. Fits perfect now and I can bump the bottom of the image to the bottom of the slide with no scroll bars appearing.

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