Importing Questions in Storyline

Jan 13, 2014

Is it possible to import questions from an Excel file into Storyline or do I need to have Quizmaker?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Juliette and welcome to the community!

There's an excellent tutorial on importing (including Excel) into Storyline that may help:

Importing Questions - E-Learning Heroes

You'll want to scroll down to the section titled "Importing questions from an Excel spreadsheet".

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks and welcome again! :)

Juliette Harris

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for your quick response and your welcome

I get the impression that the importing will only work in Quizmaker correct?  So if I use Storyline I would need to get an extra license for Quizmaker so I can import from Excel then I can import the questions from Quizmaker into Storyline?



Amber Price

I have the same question about importing multiple questions into a Storyline project. I am not seeing the option of "Import Questions" in Quizmaker (or Storyline), as noted in the tutorial above under the "Importing questions from an Excel spreadsheet." I can only import a Quizmaker quiz into a Quizmaker file. (I am using Quizmaker '09.)

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Juliette,

Correct :) Storyline doesn't currently support importing questions from an external source, such as spreadsheets, CSV files, or text files.  We're working on it for a future release.

It may be a little more complicated than that, if you don't already have access to Quizmaker '09. Currently, Studio '13 content isn't supported in Storyline. We're working on updating that, too, but I wouldn't want you to purchase the newer version only to find out you couldn't use the content you've created there just yet. 

Now, it may still be possible to purchase '09, if you need to do so. I would recommend reaching out to our Success Team for this information. You can reach them directly via email at - they'll be able to let you know if you can purchase the earlier version and possibly upgrade in the future when '13 content is supported in Storyline. 

I hope that helps!

Sandra Vasquez

Hi Leslie,

I upgraded to Presenter and  Quizmaker '13 with the purpose of creating several quizzes in Quizmaker '13 and using the wonderful "import from excel"  function to make my SME's text easily into quizzes.  

But I discovered the hard way that these Quizmaker '13 files cannot now be used in Storyline.  As I have been asked to bundle what was going to be separate files into one module.  I will now need to recreate the quiz files from scratch and manually type each question and multiple feedback responses, unless there is a way to change the files into Quizmaker '09 and then bring them into Storyline.  

My frustration as well was when I came here hoping to find an answer and a previous Staff person referred to a tutorial as "an excellent tutorial on importing (including Excel) into Storyline that may help..."  when this function is not available or mentioned in the tutorial.

Sorry I am venting.  I asked my team to upgrade and now I am stuck having to recreate work that will not import to Story line... 

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