Incorrect Buttons in Quiz

Feb 24, 2012

Hello...I have a two question quiz.  I want users to answer each question correctly before moving to the next one, and I want the button on the feedback screen to say "Try Again" if they get the question wrong.  Once they get it right, the button needs to say "Next Question."  On the last question of the quiz, once they get it right, I want the button to say "Continue with Course."  (I changed the "Finish" button to that text.)

The problem is, once the first question is answered correctly, it's still giving me the "Try Again" button instead of "Next Question.".  If you answer the second question incorrectly, it shows the "Continue with Course" button instead of "Try Again."  Arghhhh!

Any suggestions?  I've checked everything I can see to check.  Are the buttons assigned automatically, or can a developer assign certain buttons??

Many thanks!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Lisa,

It sounds like the text labels may be creating the confusion, so I'd recommend applying a default template with the the default feedback options and that should give you the flow you want. The trick is to allow more than one attempt on each question so that the user can try the question again if they answer incorrectly. You can set the number of attempts in Quiz Properties -> Question Defaults:

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