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Feb 06, 2012

Hi everyone.  I thought I saw rference to this issue before., but I can't seem to find it.  Can one insert a quiz into another quiz?  If you look at my image, the right half would be a quiz inserted into the quiz with the left half of drag-and-drops.

If this can be done, then I'm hoping to disable the "right/wrong" attribute of each quiz.  These quizzes have no right or wrong answers...I'm just trying to have the learners think about things from another point of view.

Is all or any of this possible?



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Judy B.

Thank you so much for your interest, Diane.  The course itself is for people who ofer supervised visitation servies:  sometimes in custody & access or child protection services situations, a judge will order that visits with children be supervised by a 3rd party.  I am doing modules for the international association for programs that provide this service.

My current module is about having service providers do good intake interviews.  The context for my issue is that I  want the learner/service provider to stop and think about where a client might be coming from, before we move into the nuts and bolts about how to conduct a productive intake interview.  I somehow wanted there to be interactiveness in this process of taking the point of view of the other.  Perhaps getting learners to priorize what might be on a client's mind is a lame way to accomplish what I want.  I don't want the exercise to involve right or wrong answers...I just want learners to really think about how their clients' feel as they approach a first/intake interview with the service.

Is there anything else you can suggest?

Thanks again.


Diane Yamashiro

Hi Judy. Today's entry in Tom's Rapid eLearning Blog, Let Others Inspire Your Interactive eLearning," has a wonderful example of scenarios, perspectives, and choices. Building off of your slide and comments, what if you did something like this:  BLANK SLIDE:  Case #1276. Janet D is a single mom of four children ranging from 2 months to 4 years of age. She lost custody of her children based on two DUIs and three arrests for being drunk and disorderly. Her case file has mentions that she is very... SLIDE 1 - SURVEY QUESTION, ESSAY: Based on the non-verbal communication module, type below the cues you should look for in your interview to determine her state of willingness vs. hostility. (In your feedback slide, you would then have something like, Some cues you might have noted are....If you missed any of these cues, review Module XX.)  SLIDE 2 - MULTIPLE CHOICE, CUSTOM FEEDBACK: Before you start the interview, Janet agressively says, "Why do I have to be here, The judge made a big mistake!" Which response below would be the best choice to defuse her anger and direct the interview to a positive state. (Your answer choices would be realistic and none obviously right or wrong. By using the More button, you would provide custom feedback for each answer choice. You could use branching to point the learner to additional questions if they opted for the "worst-choice answer. )

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