installing quizmaker templates on Win 8

Jan 15, 2013

Can't seem to find out how to install some customized templates for Quizmaker on a Win 8 pc.

(Have the procedures for Win XP, Vista, 7 but not able to conclude the solution from those)

Who knows how?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Lucas,

The process should be fairly similar, but the location of the files may be a little different for Windows 8. If you search through Windows Explorer for .quiztemplate, you should be able to find any files you've saved as templates. I'm running a Windows 8 machine here, can you tell me which template you're trying to use, if you're using one provided by the community?


Lucas de Vreugd

Ok ,

I've just found out how to find the right folder to paste them in Win 8.

Open Windows 8 Startup Folder

To begin, use Windows + R hotkey combination, and enter %AppData%. It will open Roaming profile folder, letting you view installed applications’ folders and navigate through Windows system folders. You will find the Startup folder in \Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder.

and than just place templates in Smoothframe folder


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