Is it possible to import Quizmaker 09 into Captivate 5 or 6?

I'm trying to revise someone else's old file that was originally published in Captivate 5. Parts of the course were created in power point, parts of it were done in Captivate, and the assessment was done in Quizmaker 09. The person who originally created this course is no longer with us, and I can't figure out how to import the Quizmaker file into Captivate. (I know I can import the power point into Storyline, and that would probably play nicely with Quizmaker. However, the parts of the course that were originally recorded with Captivate are interactive, and I don't think I can import those into Storyline without losing the interactivity. So I believe I'll need to complete the file in Captivate.)

I read somewhere that I can publish the Quizmaker file into Articulate Presenter. I thought that might work, because then maybe I could import the Presenter file into Captivate. However, when I try publishing the Quizmaker 09 file into Presenter 09, only one of the quiz questions appears, and it doesn't appear to be interactive.

I may just have to manually recreate the quiz questions in Captivate, but I'd like to try and keep the original formatting if possible. I'm new to instructional design, so I'm still learning how to use these products and may just be missing something simple that could solve my problem.


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