Is there a way to bookmark quizzes?

Hi guys,

Hoping you can help me here. I have a course set up in presenter that has what we've called 'tutorial' sections. I've inserted quizmaker survey questions here. I'm wondering if there's a way that an end user can bookmark, part way through, and return to finish at a later date?

These courses will be uploaded to an LMS (is this something that would be controlled through the LMS? Not sure.)

Thanks for your help!!


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Brian Batt

Hi Kirsty,

Yes, your end-users should be able to leave the quizzes and return to them on the same question without manually bookmarking them.  You'll need to enable the "prompt to resume" feature in both your presentation & the quiz.  For more information, see the links below:

Kirsty Tam

Hey Brian,

Thanks for your help! I've checked and it looks like I already had the relevant boxes ticked, however once it's uploaded to the LMS, perhaps it'll function better..

I do have another question (not sure if I should start a new thread or not...) but I have some 'Pick One' survey questions set up and I am giving feedback by answer. I have noticed that when I preview this, there is a standard 'Thank You' that comes up on every feedback. Can I change this? I don't really feel it's relevant but I can't find out where/how to change it.

Thanks very much! Have a great day,


Brian Batt

Hi Kirst,

The "Thank You" text will appear when you use a Survey type question.  It looks like you're using a "Pick One" question type.  If you create a new multiple choice question, you will no longer see the "Thank You" text.

If you want to change the Thank You text instead of creating a new question, you can do that by going into Player Templates, editing your Player Template, clicking on the Text Labels tab, and then changing the Thank You Feedback Title: