Jeanette's Magazine Style Quiz for a Self Assessment

May 23, 2011

I loved the quiz feedback that gives the learner a snap shot of them rather than a score.  I would like to use this in a course on workplace behavior specifically appropriate dress.  Although the course will include some content focused on the dress code (everyone interprets the dress code to suit their wardrobe), I was thinking a quiz where the learner given some wardrobe choices (no throwaway outfits included) could build an outfit and score where thier choices rated against the dress code.  Not sure this would work though.   Hoping a seasoned articulate user could share some possible design ideas using Jeanette's no score-preference approach.  Ideas Welcome...

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Maureen! That sounds like an interesting course! For magazine-style assessments in which you want to categorize a learner into a specific bracket or "type" at the end, it's best if you can score every question on the same continuum... so like maybe if you had a quiz on dress code, you could show 3 choices for each question - one choice would conform to the dress code completely, another would only partially conform, and a third would be completely out-of-conformance. Then you could score each choice incrementally. At the end, depending on how many questions are in your quiz, you could display the learner's final score, and some scoring brackets to show how closely their overall score matches compliance requirements.

David Anderson

Hi Maureen,

I started comping something last night and it's pretty much exactly what Jeanette just suggested. You can easily weight each choice so learners know which clothing choices were most appropriate.

Here's an interactive example from the Wall Street Journal on selecting appropriate clothing for court hearings:

While not entirely possible in Quizmaker, there are some interesting elements that could be applied.

Maureen Wilson

LOVE IT! Jeanette, I love the self assessment your design give the learner.  Giving them choices that are close but depict a particular style (some styles, while cute, may not be acceptable under some dress codes). We have young people that look like they stepped off a runway or out of a Vogue magazine spread.  They have a hard time determining elements of their choices that are over the top for work.  I really want to make them think about it so that they can tone it down while maintaining their individuality.

David, Can you elaborate on the elements that could be applied in Quizmaker?  Thanks

David Anderson

Hi Maureen - By elements I meant the way various clothing options were assembled on the character. You could use multiple choice or multiple select questions and customize their placement over the clothing elements.

You could score each choice by weight or point value or simply ask learners to evaluate the correct clothing element(s).

Here's a quick mockup:

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