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Aug 09, 2012

As a new person to Quizmaker, I am probably trying to do this and missing the obvious solution.

i would like to set the Font (Street palin) and its size (10 point) and Colour (Black) to the same for every question in a quiz.

my quiz contains 150 questions at the moment and the only way i have found is to select each Q and change its properties, this is time consuming and means when i add another Q they revert to the default settings.

so I guess i am asking how do I adjust the default template settings for these items.

thanks in adavnce for a quick reply.

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Diane Yamashiro

Hi Malcolm!

Master slides aren't specific to a question type and you can apply them to some or all of your slides. After creating a master slide with the desired font/font size/color, open any slide in slide view, go to the Design tab, right-click on your new slide master and select Apply to All Questions (or Set as Default Theme). Here's a demo that will show you how to do this:

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