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Aug 12, 2014


I have the latest Quizmaker Version release.

We have a quiz with 4 different groups within the same file. I noticed that when I randomize a group and select a particular question/ header to lock to the top of the group Quizmaker only allows me to select one question out of all groups/ questions to lock to a group top.

Thus if I go to group 2 and select a question to be locked to the top of gfroup 2, the lock is removed from group one.

This was never like this in the 1st studio 13 version nor in Studio 09.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

It looks like Matt's issue was reported to our QA team for further review and it seems the issue occurs when both conditions are true:

(1) There were at least 3 question groups and 
(2) If each question group contained at least 3 questions.

One suggested workaround was to create a new question group for each intro slide (the slide they wanted to lock to the top), and put the new group immediately before the group of questions it's meant to introduce.

This thread is included in the report filed with our team so once we have any additional information to share we'll update folks here. 

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