Locking out a pre-test if user fails

Oct 09, 2012

We have a course with a pre-course test.  If the user passes the pre-course test they can print their certificate and are not required to take the full course.   If the user fails the pre-course test, then they are required to take the full course and pass a post-course test.  The pre-course test is locked out to prevent the user from taking the test multiple times.   This works fine if the user does not exit the course.  It also works fine if the user exits the course and selects "resume where you left off -yes" when they return.   The problems is when the user fails the pre-course test, exits the course, then selects "resume where you left off - no".   They can then back up and re take the pre-course test.  We want users to have only one attempt at the pre-course test.   Is there any work around for this?



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Chuck Elberti

Another issuse with this is when the user takes the pre-course test ( and fails) the test result is recorded in the system.  But the post course test result is not, even when the user passes.  They are able to print their certificate, but in the reports it show their status as incomplete with the failed pre-course test score.  Is there a way to fix this?

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