Looping back to retake a quiz

Apr 23, 2014

Hi -

I'm trying to create a simple loop, when someone fails a quiz they get taken back a few slides to the related content. However, when they come back to the quiz, it is not reset to allow them to take it again. How can I reset the quiz? I don't want to give them the option of just retrying without reviewing the slides first. Thanks.

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Steve Hazelton

I tried that, but it inserted an action button that seemed to allow them to retry the quiz without going back to the content slides. Can I redirect the settings on that button to take them to the content slide instead of the quiz? Would that be under the URL option, and if so, how do I find the URL of the particular slide? Thanks.

Steve Hazelton

I still cannot get a quiz to loop back and reset. I have already had the controls you have shown set as you have shown. The course was created in Presenter, and the quiz was originally created from within presenter (since then, I did a version update and Presenter can no longer find Quizmaker, but that is another problem for another day . . .). I can create a quiz uin Quizmaker and load it with no problem.

The problem is still that when I fail the question and am taken back a slide or two to go over the content, the quiz fails to reset when I come into it the second time. I do not want to have a "Retry Quiz" button on the Incorrect layer because that does not take them back to the content slide like I want. 

This seems like it should be very simple, and I am new to Articulate, so what am I missing?

I have created an example if you want and would be happy to send it to you.



Steve Hazelton

Good day Leslie -

Nope, this just loops within the quiz, not back to the content slide before the quiz. Obviously there is a setting that resets the quiz when you click on Retry - I would love to either apply that same setting to the quiz but allow the Incorrect - Finish button to go back to a different slide, or redirect the Retry button to take me back to a different slide with the quiz reset.. It looks like I can have it one way or the other, but not both.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steve! I apologize for lacking clarity in my last post. You're right. You can have the Finish button on Fail go back to your content slide, but when you get back to the quiz, it will still show the results slide until the user chooses to Retry the quiz. This will allow the user to review content if need be, but for the quiz to re-set, they will need to utilize the Retry button.

christopher selzer

One thing that you can do so that your user has to review content before reattempting the quiz is to create a "Review Material" button that brings you back to the slide in your training that you want your user to start at.

Then copy the "Retry Quiz" button that is on the results slide and paste it on the last slide with content, so that the Quiz clears and your users can retake it.

You can rename the button "Attempt Quiz Now"; this way you can use it as the sole way to access your quiz, whether it is the first, second, or third attempt.

To make it easier Articulate should enable you to add a retry quiz button on any slide. 


Bruno Dethune

HI Christopher,

Thank you for your idea about copying the “retry quiz” button

Unfortunately I just tried to do so, but after copying it in the result slide, I am not able to paste it in a powerpoint slide. I donot get a “paste” option available.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Could you perhaps join an example of powerpoint in which you pasted this button?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Victor - or Christophe? Perhaps you have two accounts with the same image...it's a bit of deja vu. 

Storyline has some different functionality in terms of buttons, triggers, etc. that you were likely utilizing to redirect and determine how the user was interacting with it - so it seems that the same set up won't work for Bruno in Studio. 

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