Marking questions for later review?

I am building a quiz, and I would like to allow students to mark questions for later review. Assuming a multiple choice quiz, the students can either answer the question or not, and in addition, mark the question to review later. If this is possible, is there also a way to allow students to scroll through either questions they've marked or questions left blank before submitting exam for scoring?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Ravindra!

Quizmaker has a Submit all at once feature that allows learners to wait until the end of the quiz to submit all their answers at once. They can move back and forth between the questions to answer skipped questions, and they can even change their answers at any time until they submit them at the end of the quiz.

If you're looking for a way to highlight the questions the learner skipped, you may want to explore using Storyline for this quiz. Another community member, Daniel, shared a sample file for revisiting skipped quiz questions in this similar discussion.