Matching Drag and Drop not showing right answer in Review


I created a matching drag and drop question for my quiz. When I reviewed the answer using the Review Quiz button, it is not showing the right answers for the question. The option "Allow user to finish without answering all questions" is already unchecked. Since its a confidential project, I cannot upload the quiz file here. The review page is just showing red and green circles beside the options. Can someone please give me a quick answer for this problem? I need to submit the quiz for client review rather urgently.

Thanks a lot,


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Neelima Menon

Hi Peter, I could resolve the issue when I changed the font type of the Pass and Fail result. Earlier I had changed the font in the Pass and Fail result screen to EYInterstate, and then the numbers were not appearing in the Review Quiz page of Matching Drag and Drop. When I changed it back to the default Articulate font (I changed it beck to Articulate font only in Pass and Fail result screen, rest everything is still in EYInterstate), the numbers appeared. Thanks a lot for the reply anyway.