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I would like to use the Matching Drop-Down feature to create a question with Words to Use and Words to Avoid when talking to customers and then list the Words and have the drop-down choices as Use or Avoid. However, I cannot figure out how to do this. When using the Form and adding the Match as Use/Avoid, it lists every instance of each word in the drop-down. So fro example, the drop-down now has 3 Avoids and 3 Use. In addition, it requires the EXACT usage of each of the options. In otherwords, I need to select the EXACT Avoid of the 3 that displays for it to count the question as correct.

Is there a way I can accomplish what I am trying to in Quizmaker?  I used to be able to do this in Capitvate and set the word choices for each drop-down.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kimberly - currently in Quizmaker '09, when you create a matching dropdown question, each must have a unique match - it's not possible to assign a one-to-many matching relationship to the items. It sounds like what you're wanting to do is ask learners to sort words into 2 categories ("use" and "avoid"). For something like this, I'd recommend using a multiple-response question type and rearranging the answer choices into 2 columns to represent the 2 categories, as shown in this example:

Does that help?

Jeanette Brooks

Oh bummer! It's possible that a corporate firewall might be blocking access. Or maybe you don't have the Adobe Flash Player installed? If you have a smartphone you might be able to play the video from that, or try a computer at a different location perhaps. 

I'm attaching a sample Quizmaker file to the bottom of this reply, and below is a picture of it. That way even if you can't play the screencast, you can get an idea of what I mean. The font probably won't look right when you open the quiz in Quizmaker because it's a custom font, but if you want you can get it for free here.

Basically I just created a multiple response question, and then did this for the answer choices:

  1. Type a blank space for each answer choice. (You can have up to 10)
  2. Turn off answer shuffling on the question editor's toolbar.
  3. Click Slide View to go to a graphical question editor.
  4. Resize the answer choices to be very small (since there's no text in them), and then rearrange the checkboxes into two columns.
  5. Now insert some textboxes for the column headings ("use" and "avoid") and then add textboxes for the words you want learners to categorize.

I hope that helps!