Matching drop-down question

My client asked me to do this:

What external factors does PEST stand for?

On left-side: [P]  Drop-down choices:  [People, Political, Privacy]

On left-side: [E]  Drop-down choices:  [Economic, Enterprise, External]

On left-side: [S]  Drop-down choices:  [Success, Social, Sustainability]

On left-side: [T]  Drop-down choices:  [Time, Threats, Technological]


Correct answers: Political, Economic, Social, and Technological


I'm not sure how to make, say, the first drop-down box to have choices People, Political, Privacy. It seems that I can only enter 1 item for each "Match" row? 


Your suggestions will be much appreciated



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Philip Deer

Having a similar issue.

I have 8 unique choices and three options for each.

For example:

Joint Action-----------------------------------Plane of Motion

Internal Rotation--------------------------Sagittal

I underlined the correct response for each.
The problem I am having is that there are 8 joint actions and each has the same three options for possible answers.
Four of them are Sagittal.
Two of them are Frontal.
Two of them are Transverse.

So, if the person chooses the wrong Sagittal from the drop down that I matched to the joint action it says incorrect, even though the response is the correct word. Is there a way to make it so this can function regardless of the exact same Sagittal match, etc...?

Thanks in advance!