Missing Quiz files

Jul 15, 2013

What would cause files to disappear from the "Open a recent quiz" list when you open Quizmaker? 

Last week I published 4 different courses in Presenter that included quizzes.  As of today, none of the quizzes show in my recent list nor can I find the actual files on my hard drive!  Yikes!

What could possibly cause my files to disappear over a weekend???? 

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Adrian Dean

Hi Jo,

Do you have any back-ups? Presenter and Quizmaker wouldn't have any effect with regards to a file's deletion. Here is a helpful article on how to back up your e-learning files. I would suggest opening a Support case, but other than us taking a look at your machine and doing a search for the files ourselves, there isn't really much else that can be done.

I wish there was more that we could do,


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