Moodle doesn't register Quiz grades

Hi everyone;

I'm having an issue with several Quizmaker 09 quizzes. Some of the students (few, actually, since most of them seem to do just fine) can't finish their quiz, apparently due to the "Submit " button not working at all. The strange thing is that our Moodle 1.9.6 registers access to the quiz (packed as SCORM 1.2), and sometimes even keeps record of wich answers were right or wrong, but none of it shows up in the gradebook. I first assumed IE Compatibilty View would solve it, but apparently it happens with IE7 too, so I'm quite lost here. 

Any ideas?


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David Gutiérrez

Thanks, Dan, I know, but I'm currently unable to do that, as I'm not a site admin. While I try to convince the ones who are (and, by the way, a link to a list of those vulnerabilities would help a lot ; )  how can I know if this is one of those unsolved SCORM bugs? Also, I'm pretty sure it didn't happen when we were using previous versions...

Dan Marsden