Multiple hot spots in picture

Apr 16, 2012

Is it possible to have multiple correct hotspots on a picture of a document with text?  If so how?

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Michael Palko

I was struggling for a way to use multiple correct answers and solved it this way:

My topic is software training, and there were two ways to accomplish a task: clicking a tab or using a back arrow.  Since both are correct, I needed to give the learner that feedback.

In my quiz slide, I have the first hotspot, the tab, as the correct answer.  Click it and you get the "correct" layer.  For the second hotspot, the back arrow, also correct, but labeled "incorrect" in the quiz slide, I give audio only feedback.  "You're good.  I didn't expect you to find that.  You can do the same thing using that tab.  Try it out" 

I also added a free form hotspot that covers everything BUT those two correct answers.  When the learner clicks in that area, the "incorrect" layer appears.

I did a fist pump when I viewed the result. Hope it helps you too.

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