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Feb 05, 2015

Hi, I creating a quiz the problem is actually creating feedback. i want feedbacks to be displayed to the students at the time reviewing the quiz. during the quiz attempt he should keep attending the quiz. during review the feedback should be visible with the result correct/incorrect because i want to make some explanations available during review.

 thank you . .. :)

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Lynne Petersen

Hi there, like Mohammed I'm trying to use QuizMaster as a form of self-analysis / feedback tool.  I see your responses above but it doesn't seem to address my need.

I need to be able to give individual feedback to people depending on which ANSWER they select from the multi-choice /pick one options.  It is a non-graded scenario.  I want to be able to provide standardised, specific 'written' feedback to individuals depending on which answer they select for question 1, 2, 3 etc.  So in the "results" area that you show (thanks!), I don't see how I can do that - I can only add in a standard feedback response for question 1, 2, 3 and so on. 

I don't yet see how I can give one type of feedback for Question 1, if someone does: answer A and how I can then provide another type of feedback for Question 1, if someone does: answer B.  (In my 'quiz', there is no 'right' answer, just responses that can be selected either "True for me", "Somewhat true for me", Not true for me").

Like Mohammed, I want users to do the 'quiz/self-analysis tool' questions all consecutively with no feedback during the quiz and only at the END to be provided with the specific feedback for the Question 1 answer that they selected and which will be different to someone else's Question 1 answer, and therefore feedback.  Do you see what I mean?
I've looked around the various Quizes and functions but I'm new to Articulate/QuizMaster so have no idea but so far don't see this as an option - is this possible?

Thanks for your help.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lynne! Perhaps someone from the community will be able to assist with your design request.

It sounds as if you need to have feedback by choice, but that would occur during submission of the question and not at the end of the quiz. You can have custom review feedback, but it would be for every user, not custom to response.

You can enable the Post-Quiz Review option from Form View, which will then give you a Review layer in Slide View that you can customize as needed. See images below:


Lynne Petersen

Thanks for the quick response Leslie

Your answer is helpful but if I'm understanding you correctly, from the current options that I can select from relating to the feedback and review options in QuizMaster, I'm not able to do what I need which is: to provide customised feedback for each possible question response selected, with the feedback viewable only in the post quiz "report" page as a 'summary'.

If there is anyone out there who has dealt with a similar example using QuizMaster/Articulate and has found a 'work around' I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again, Lynne

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