Providing detailed feedback when reviewing quiz?

Apr 23, 2013

Good morning!

Is there a way to provide additional feedback during the "review quiz" phase? I have the properties set up so that if a learner fails a quiz they have to retry it but when they pass it, they have the review quiz button. I'd like to be able to provide explanation on why and answer was correct or incorrect only after they pass it because we don't want to provide the correct answers in the feedback phase but allow for additional information when they have passed.

Is something like this possible?

I appreciate your help!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Carla,

There are two options that may work for you. You could either modify the correct feedback response when the learner clicks submit, or you could provide a completely customized results slide/review slide by branching to a blank slide. On that blank slide you could add the additional information you don't wish to show if the learner fails the quiz.

Here's some tutorials that may help you out with this:

Customizing the Result Slides

Customizing Question Feedback

Quizmaker Branching

Hopefully those tutorials will get you started. If you have any questions, or any trouble with this, just let me know!



Carla Kelley-Gonzales

Hi Christine,

I've used blank slides and branching before and completely turned off both the pass result and fail result slides in other quizzes. It sounds like you are proposing customizing the immediate feedback rather than doing it in conjunction with the pass/fail result slides and the "Review Quiz" option at the end. Correct?

I'd like to do both I guess; meaning I can customize the imediate feedback so that the look and feel of the feedback are like the question slides but I'd like to keep the functionality of the pass/fail result slides and the "Review Quiz" button so that when they click "Review Quiz" it shows basically another set of slides (built from my customized feedback slides) with more detailed explanations for each question.

Is there a way to do this with the "Review Quiz" button?

Thanks for your help so far!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Carla,

Hmm.. maybe this would actually work better for you, then:

Creating the Custom Feedback Slide

You could definitely modify the prompts for the feedback, as well as the results slide, if you want to keep the default functionality in the quiz. However, it may be a little more limited than the custom blank slides you've used previously when branching. 

For the answers themselves, you could provide feedback "By Answer", if you're not already. This way you could actually provide additional information for each response and customize it to suit that specific response. When you do this, you could also set up branching for each one of your answers. So, say you have 5 answers; you could set up each answer to branch to its own custom slide. This way, if your learners choose a different answer each time, they could see completely different information or specific information for the response they chose.

I hope this helps :)


Jerson  Campos

Something I just recently did was used customized feedback tied to which checkboxes a user selected.

Example: Which of these are Fruits?

[] Apple

[] Turnip

[] Orange

[] Horse

I created the usual "You got them correct" feedback answer. On the incorrect feedback answer I customized the response depending if they had one or multiple selections wrong. They way I did this was when a user selected Turnip as one of his answer, it would assign a variable (ex:Question1)  some text " A turnip is not a fruit, it is a vegetable", the same thing with Horse (Question2).  When you click the submit button it would check if the incorrect checkboxes are selected and show the incorrect feedback.

For the incorrect feedback instead of just typing a traditional "Sorry you have this incorrect" response, I added the variables %%Question1%% and %%Question2%% to the text box. This way if they only selected turnips, then the feedback for turnips would only show up. If they selected both, then both feedbacks would show up.

If you are having a hard time following let me know and I'll create a screenr or demo.

Andrew  Thorne


I feel your pain. As helpful as Christine and Jerson are trying to be they clearly are not following what you're asking for. I've been searching for a way to display feedback from the "Review screen" with no luck. This lack of functionality is a bit short sighted for Assessments where the user isn't shown feedback till after they have Submitted all. There isn't much value in a review that only shows your selection and where it was right or wrong with out also proving the corresponding feedback. 

To perhaps help clarify what I believe Carla is asking after a learner has submitted each and every question, and saw the immediate feedback; Correct or Incorrect here's why. The learner ends up on the Pass or Fail results slide, they click "Review" and can see each question one at a time with the correct answer shown with a check mark. how does one add feedback to this so you could add information for the questions they got wrong, like "Please review this section/page." ?

Hopefully that helps, as I've mentioned I too am looking for a way to add this functionality.

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