In this lesson you'll use Quizmaker's Blank Slides to display custom feedback in your quiz. This is a really great use for Blank Slides because you can retain the visual layout of your questions while providing the appropriate feedback for the choices.

You can always view the Final version and download the source files if you're following along.

STEP 1: Creating the feedback slide

Before we do anything with our Blank Slide, we need to first copy the text and graphics from our question slide. Why? Well, it's easier to copy-paste our question slide graphics than it is to re-insert the text and images.

  1. Double-click Question 1's thumbnail to open the question
  2. Click Slide View to change views
  3. Shift-click everything on the slide except the radio buttons. Radio buttons can't be copied so things like Control-A won't work.
  4. Copy the selected objects by pressing Control-C
  5. Click Save & Close to return to Question List
  6. Create a Blank Slide
  7. Click Slide View
  8. Delete the existing text boxes on the slide
  9. Paste the copied items on the slide by pressing Control-V

All right, we now have a Blank Slide that looks like our question slide - minus the radio buttons. We can now add the feedback-specific elements to the slide.

STEP 2: Adding visual and text-based feedback

We'll start by inserting the feedback icons over the choices. Then we'll change the choice box's color from white to green. The color change will visually signal the correct choice. And finally, we'll swap the Host_Question.png graphic for the Host_Feedback.png image.

Inserting the feedback icons:

  1. Add the icons by going to Insert > Picture > Icon_Correct.png. Repeat for Icon_Incorrect.png.
  2. Control-click-drag the Icon_Incorrect.png to duplicate it
  3. Position the icons over the appropriate choice boxes

Changing the choice box color:

  1. Select Choice_C.png and go to Format > Recolor > More Variations and
  2. Choose a bright green color

Changing the StepImage:

The StepImages change on every feedback slide. So while we're giving feedback to Question 1 on this slide, we're also setting up Question 2.

  1. Right-click Q1_StepImage.png and select Change Picture...
  2. Browse to your images folder and select Q2_StepImage.png
  3. Right-click Host_Question.png and choose Change Picture...
  4. Browse the image folder and select Host_Feedback.png
  5. Select Open to replace the image

Now that our graphics and images are updated, we can update the feedback text.

STEP 3: Adding the feedback text

And finally, we'll add the main feedback content to our slide. We'll return to the RSI_Storyboard for Question 1 feedback.

  1. Go to Insert > Picture > Feedback_box.png to insert the background graphic for feedback. The feedback box was a shape created in Quizmaker and saved out as a .png file. Feel free to update with your own graphic.
  2. Position the feedback box below the Q1 image
  3. In your RSI_Storyboard.docx, copy the feedback for Question 1 and return to Quizmaker
  4. In Quizmaker, create a text box over the feedback box by going to Insert > Text Box and paste the copied text into the text box by pressing Control-V
  5. Change the font to Trebuchet MS and select a white or off-white color
  6. Apply some additional formatting so the first line is size Bold, Font Size is 12 and the body text is Normal with a Font Size of 10.5
  7. Click Save & Close to return to the Question List.

What's next?

In the next lesson we'll review our progress and look at some ways to modify the quiz Player Template.

Rosie Piller
David Anderson

HI Rosie! - This tutorial was written in Quizmaker '09 so you're using the same version. When you try and copy, are you trying to select the text used in the actual question choices? You can copy everything *except* text that is part of the choice text in Quizmaker. Here's a quick screencast on the process: The icons were included in the download files for the tutorial. But you can also find the complete set of colors here in the downloads gallery: You can specify where a user goes after a question using branching. If you want to branch your learner to the end of the quiz after # of tries, you can click the More button and select Finish Quiz Expand

Rosie Piller
David Anderson
Rosie Piller

Your demos are really terrific! I can't send you the quiz because of company confidentiality issues, and I'm limited by the company style guide as well, but let's just take this simple case, all text: What color is the parachute in the picture? a. Red b. Green c. Purple d. White Let's say the correct answer is Red. I'm using the blank-slide-after-the-question approach. As I understand it, I can't capture the radio button text. So what I've done is make a screen capture of the Slide View version of the question (which has the Red radio button selected), draw a red highlight box over the right answer (since the selected radio button doesn't jump out at you), and paste that on the Blank feedback slide. (I could additionally add company-approved graphics and feedback explaining w... Expand

David Anderson
Rosie Piller
Teresa Saul
David Anderson