Next Button From Blank Slide Not Working


I have a quizmaker file embedded in my presentation that only includes a blank slide.  I'm doing this because 1. I want to be able to use the zoom function on the image that's located on the slide and 2. I want to maintain the formatting that's used on similar slides.

Here's my problem.  The first time you view the slide when you click next everything is hunky doory.  However, if you navigate away from that slide and try to go back to it, then the next button simply refreshes the page.  If you first select "retry quiz" then select "next," then it actually goes to the next slide.  That's counter intutive and an unneccessary extra step.

My settings are: goes to next slide, goes to next slide, at any time, at any time, and unlimited times.  Initially the "quiz" was a graded quiz, so I tried it as a survey question and chose "allow user to skip survey questions," but I'm still having the same problem.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Many thanks,


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