Obtain 100% before results shown (without feedback after each?)

Nov 23, 2012

Hi all.

Firstly, in my very limited opinion, I think the Articulate programs are excellent. I have only been using Storyline for the past couple of days and am impressed but have run into a few stumbling blocks and am in need of help.

I'm attempting to design a quiz (actually, a test!) to assist with my wife's work. I have a starting slide where users input a unique identifier and agree to take part (with a tick box) - assuming the user selects the tick box a 'start' button appears. Clicking the start button takes the user to the first of 24 randomly chosen questions.

Each question can be answered either A or B (true/false). I do not want any feedback to be provided after each question - I want the user to progress through the entire 'test', without interruption (even if they answer incorrectly), until all 24 questions have been answered. Once completed, the user can go back and redo those questions that were answered incorrectly, again without being informed whether they have answered correctly.

This cycles continuously until the user has answered all 24 questions correctly at which point the results slide is displayed showing the total time taken to complete the test and also, if possible, the (overall) time taken to answer each question correctly.

So, any ideas? I don't doubt that this is possible but I'm stuck!! Any help would be great!

Thanks, DD

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Phil Mayor

It won't work in storyline using normal questions. You could have the question asa seperate scene as well as the group. 

You would need to track a variable for each qeustion. At the end of the quiz you will need 24 triggers to jump to a question in your other scene based on the variable value, and each quiz would again branch based on 24 triggers and conditions. 

This is not simple because the functionality is not in built so you will need to fake it

Dave Dru


I was thinking that instead of popping up the 'You are incorrect' layer, I could somehow add and track a variable.

Come the end of the quiz, the user would just need to revisit those questions whose variables were marked as such.

Are we both aiming for the same?? Basically, a user is shown a picture and asked, for example, if this is (a) a dog or (b) a cat. They are asked 24 questions like this in total - but need to revisit those they answered wrongly before completing the quiz.

I've been having a look at variables and conditions but am getting more than a little lost.

Dave Dru


Lets see if I'm beginning to understand......

Each question has a variable. If the user answers incorrectly, then that variable is marked somehow.

Alongside the 'quiz' scene is an alternate scene with the 24 questions each on their own slide. At the end of the quiz the user jumps to the separate scene and answers any questions marked by the variable(s), and updates the variable(s) as appropriate, before returning to the main 'quiz' scene. Couldn't the user again be sent back to the alternate scene before the results page rather than requiring another scene, and another, and another?

Are variables across the entire project or just a scene?

Phil Mayor

That is basically my plan, variable work across the whole project.

You should be able to get away with one scene just set each question to reset each time it is visited

here is a rough and ready demo, I think it needs some logic sorting out, the key is to change the variable before submiting the interaction as it doesnt work the other way round

Hope this helps

Dave Dru

Thanks Phil, this looks promising but I haven't had time to look into it further.

Whilst I do this I have another question for you to ponder.......

On the 'results' sheet I'm not too interested in each participants score as they must have achieved 100% to have reached that point!! However, I would like to know the TOTAL time taken from when the user clicks 'start' on the first sheet, and then  progressed through the questions, until they reach the 'results' sheet.

In addition I need the time taken to answer each individual question correctly.

I hope you like a challenge


Dave Dru

Ok, so after discussing with my better half, the time taken to answer each individual question isn't strictly necessary. The question set is actually two sets together, A & B, with questions being pulled from the combined question pool randomly. What is required, other than the total time taken from start to finish, is the total time taken to complete the 12 questions in group A correctly and similar for group B.

Sorry for the confusion. 

Any ideas?

Dave Dru

No need to apologise Phil, thanks for your help.

With regards to your suggestion above - at present I have all 24 questions in one question bank from which they are chosen randomly. Will I need to alter this to have two question banks, A and B? Is it possible to continue having the questions chosen randomly across two banks?

Oh, and is there a way to submit an interaction for a graded question without using a submit button? I spent hours yesterday trying to get the true/false interaction to submit, using states,, following the user selecting either the true or false option......

Phil Mayor

You would likely need two seperate groups, although we are creating a custom results screen so it may work as a single groups.

You can submit just by clicking on the object, just add a submit interaction trigger onto each radio button, you would need to move the variable setting triggers onto the radio buttons as well.

let me know if you slove it, if not I will build into my mockup

Dave Dru

Having two separate groups is fine - I do have them already set up as such but then combined the groups when I couldn't figure out how to have questions randomised over the two groups.

I'm at work at the minute so I'm not in front of my pc. I'll be looking at it again tonight so I'll have a go and see how far I get I'm not sure I know what you mean about moving the variables setting the triggers but it's hard to visualise without being sat at it.

Dave Dru

I've had a look and I think I'm with you.......easy when you know how!!

This is basically what I had tried yesterday, unsuccessfully:

Submit Interaction TRUE/FALSE


Button 1 or Button 2

Are Selected

This didn't work.

I'm not entirely sure why but notice that this is labelled as a Slide Trigger. Whereas, following your suggestions Phil, I now have Object Triggers which work as expected

I now have two of the following (one for each button):

Submit Interaction TRUE/FALSE



I also have a trigger to 'Adjust Variable', name of variable......value set as True.......When user clicks (the correct choice).

I'm thinking this is what you meant Phil by moving the variable setting triggers onto the radio buttons as well :-)

Dave Dru

Cheers Phil - you should write a book!!

I've looked at your work, and after a little research, have located the slide master..... Being honest I don't really understand where the submit on click is referred to, or how the triggers are working (or the need for the two layers)!

Regardless, I can now go through and place the 12 questions from group A on slide master A, and the 12 from group B on slide master B (after duplicating your master slide and creating/referencing the variable TimeB)?

I will then be able to display the two different times taken on the results page (even if I decide to remove the 'show layer' trigger so that users don't see their times whilst completing the test)?

I'm actually making some progress with the redo's - not a simple job with 24+ slides :-p. I've borrowed a tip I found on the forums to simplify copying the triggers between slides (using an off-slide object to copy them to!!).

Again, your advice is much appreciated Phil.

Dave Dru

It's done!!! Well almost.....

The total time(s) taken to complete all questions from bank A and all from bank B are being recorded to 2 variables. The user's name is being recorded to a variable, along with their gender and age.

These are presented on the results screen, at present, to ensure that everything works as required. It does . The last task hat I could really do with some help with is to have TimeA, TimeB, User, Gender, Age variables saved/forwarded as results. I understand that email functionality is not straightforward and not offered 'out of the box'. What would be the best way to record the results?Can they be uploaded automatically to an online destination, such as dropbox/skydrive or the box?? And how would I have the results display the required variables, rather than the scores and passed/failed/completed....?

Thanks Phil :-)

Dave Dru

Ok, so I followed the tutorial at here, on how to Report Storyline variables to an LMS, and have assigned the value of User, Gender and Age variables to Short Answer by CouponDropDown">survey questions. So far, so good.

However, I cannot assign the TimeA and TimeB variables to Short Answer survey questions as these do not appear in the Value-Variable drop down! It appears as though only variables of the type 'Text' are available to choose from. Please help me find a workaround for this.....

Dave Dru

AAArrrgghhh! I know!

The better half owes me big time!

I've tried using a 'How Many' survey question, thinking this would provide the option of choosing 'Number' variables, but this doesn't seem to offer what I require either (it too only allows you to choose from text variables). Any ideas?

What would you suggest instead of survey questions? I'm completely new to LMS - I was hoping that, in the absence of emailing each user's results, I would be able to upload them to a spreadsheet in Google Docs or something equally as easy..... I am in the process of bumbling through my free Articulate Online account.


Dave Dru

Spot on Phil, you're a star!

Does AO treat survey questions the same as graded or is there an additional advantage to using graded questions in AO?

I accept that I have only just started with AO but can't find a suitable report to use. The only one workable displays all the 'answers' to survey question 1 (participant code) in a list, then a list of responses for survey question 2 (gender), and so on. Do you know of a report which will group the answers for each question together (ie the first participant's code, their gender, age, timeA and timeB)? I was hoping that AO would offer a simple spreadsheet layout.....


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