Obtain 100% before results shown (without feedback after each?)

Nov 23, 2012

Hi all.

Firstly, in my very limited opinion, I think the Articulate programs are excellent. I have only been using Storyline for the past couple of days and am impressed but have run into a few stumbling blocks and am in need of help.

I'm attempting to design a quiz (actually, a test!) to assist with my wife's work. I have a starting slide where users input a unique identifier and agree to take part (with a tick box) - assuming the user selects the tick box a 'start' button appears. Clicking the start button takes the user to the first of 24 randomly chosen questions.

Each question can be answered either A or B (true/false). I do not want any feedback to be provided after each question - I want the user to progress through the entire 'test', without interruption (even if they answer incorrectly), until all 24 questions have been answered. Once completed, the user can go back and redo those questions that were answered incorrectly, again without being informed whether they have answered correctly.

This cycles continuously until the user has answered all 24 questions correctly at which point the results slide is displayed showing the total time taken to complete the test and also, if possible, the (overall) time taken to answer each question correctly.

So, any ideas? I don't doubt that this is possible but I'm stuck!! Any help would be great!

Thanks, DD

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Dave Dru

Believe it or not, it's all done

The way I've gone about some things may not exactly be the easiest, or most straightforward, and the reporting isn't exactly as I wanted but it works.....and it's good.

A massive thanks to you Phil. I certainly could not have achieved this without your assistance.

I've dropped you a private message Phil - hope you don't mind.

Thanks again


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