Old Quizmaker Quiz update to 2013

I have a client who wants their Articulate modules updated, but the quizzes haven't been upgraded since 2006. I used to be able to update these quizzes when I had Quizmaker 2009, but Quizmaker 13 (which of course took my 2009 license) will not even recognize the .aqm files. Do I have to recreate all these quizzes, or is there an easier way to do it? This is a lot of work. Eric

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Eric,

Welcome to the community!

Correct, Studio '13 does not support content created before Studio '09. What you can do, however, is install '09 then upgrade to that version. You can then upgrade that file to '13. 

It's a bit tedious with older files, but it is possible. 

You can still install and activate Studio '09 with your original serial numbers for '09. Just keep in mind that it's not currently possible (but hopefully will be soon) to install more than one version of Studio on a machine at one time

If you have access to a virtual machine, that might save you some time, but keep in mind that it's best to work on your local machine. 

I'd recommend installing '09, upgrading all of the older files, then install '13. That way you don't have to keep going back and forth. 

Please let us know if you have any trouble with this, or any questions.