Only Require Some Questions on Test Retake

Jul 31, 2012

A client group is requesting that we set our Assessments so that learners only have to retake questions that they answered incorrectly.  Can't see that this is possible in the software, but wanted to check the forum.  Anybody know how this might be done?

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Rosie Coote-Cowling
Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jacqueline (also Andrew, you might be interested in the following info too)

The not-so-good news is, unfortunately the items you mention aren't thing things that can be accomplished in Quizmaker '09.

The good news is, Articulate Storyline however, offers some new features that make it possible to at least fulfill the Retry Quiz requirements you mention. You could set up a simple number variable which counts how many times the learner has failed, and then adjust the content and options on the Fail screen accordingly.

I also played around with an idea for displaying only the incorrect questions on the retries, and discovered that it is possible in Storyline, but the down side is, it's somewhat labor-intensive because it involves creating a true/false variable and 3 triggers for every question slide. (The true/false variable monitors whether the learner got the question right on a previous attempt. The triggers cause Storyline to jump past the question and count it correct each time the learner retries the quiz.) In addition, if you want to include a Review Quiz option on your result slide, it adds more complexity (and more triggers/variables), because if the user clicks Review Quiz, you DON'T want the slides to automatically skip ahead for questions that were answered correctly. So you need to set up the logic that tells Storyline to NOT skip past correctly answered questions if the user is reviewing their quiz, rather than retrying.

Anyway, here's a published sample. There are 3 true/false questions, and the correct answer for each is true. I think it gives you the behavior you want: 3 tries total on the quiz, and on retries you only see questions that you previously answered incorrectly. For anyone who's interested and has Storyline, here's the source file if you'd like to take a look under the hood.

Hi Jeanette,
Would it be possible to re-upload the source file that shows how to create these triggers and variables when retrying only incorrect answers? the link no longer works. Or is there a video tutorial available?

Thank you



Jeanette Brooks

Hi Rosie, I'm sorry, I think that file must have been attached via Articulate's old forums, since this thread is quite old... so unfortunately I don't think the file is available any longer. I might be able to help though. Can you say a little more about what you need to accomplish? Is it just that you want to display only the incorrectly-answered questions to the learner when they retry a quiz?

Here's a thread where Alyssa gave some great advice that might fit what you need: 

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