Opening an articulate presenter course from a slide in quizmaker

Hi guys,

I'm wondering whether it's possible to open an Articulate Presenter course (at a certain page - not always the same page) from within a survey (that will sit in another Presenter course). I hope that sentence made sense!!

I have a manual and tutorial set up - these are different Presenter courses. I want users within the tutorial (survey) to be able to click a link that leads them to a certain slide within the manual course, if they don't understand the material in the question.

Thanks for your help!!



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Peter Anderson

Hi Kristy!

As long as your two courses are published online, you should have no problem linking to specific slides within other presentations using hyperlinks. To link to a specific slide within a presentation, simply add ?slide=X after player.html in your hyperlink. You would also probably want to disable the prompt to resume option so users wouldn't always be asked when relaunching the course.

Is that what you're hoping to do?