Presenter 13, in preview mode plays sound during quiz... but from

Presenter 13, Quizmaker 13

Let's say I want to preview these three slides... 37 (Powerpoint), 38 (quizmaker quiz with 4 questioins) and slide 39 (Powepoint slide)

slide 37 plays fine

then when I advance to slide 38 (the Articulate Quizmaker Quiz) it immediately starts playing the sound file for Slide 39?

There are no sound files associated with slide 38 that I can find, what's up?  I'd like to attach a picture but will have to reply to my own post to do that.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jim,

Does this happen when you preview the entire project or after publishing the project? If so, I recommended repairing the installation in your previous post here (where you mentioned you were having some trouble with the Quizmaker prompt) - it might be a good idea to try that to see if this improves the functionality when previewing specific slides. 

If it only plays the sound when you're previewing those 3 slides, it may just be an issue with how it's being previewed. 

Let me know if this is still happening for you after previewing the entire project, publishing or running the repair.