Print Quizmaker feedback, not just results?

Is there a way to print the feedback by answer in the quiz results, in addition to the learner's answer and correct answer? 

I'm trying to design an ergonomic assessment.  So I want learners to answer questions, and then provide specific feedback (recommendations) based on their answers.  I'd like for them to be able to print those recommendations so that they can put them into action. 

I've been searching the forum and blog archives, and don't see anything about how to do this.  The only thing I keep finding is how to customize the standard quiz results printout, but not how to add feedback.

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Rebecca Dodds

Thanks for the reply.  But, you're correct...this isn't what I'm looking for at all.  I know how to get the results to print, and how to customize both the results slide view and the report.html file.  Mostly because I've already searched the forums and blogs. 

The quiz is obviously using logic to call the responses by answer.  What I need is to figure out how to get it to write that response to report.html at the same time that it calls it for the learner.

I don't have anything like the programming skills necessary to figure this one out.  And, on the face of it, Quizmaker doesn't have this functionality built in. 

Does anyone know how to do this?