Publishing to a CD Causing Quiz Print Results to Lock

I am working locally and have published a course to a CD. When I take the quizzes in the course, the quizzes get stuck on the "enter-your-name part" and then is missing some buttons that get them out of the quiz.

Also, when the user tries to re-take the same quiz, the quiz defaults them back to the "enter the name" part again of the quiz.

As a side note, I have the quiz set to re-start from the beginning - take an umlimited number of times and leave when they want to.

It seems that the shared objects folder that tracks flash objects is being created on my C:/ drive and causing the course to track the user back to the same part of the course. When I empty the C:/ drives Macromedia Shared Objects file, the course works correctly, but I cannot stop it from creating this file.

I need to user to be able to take a course a number of times - the same course, print their results and do so via the published CD function.

Is this possible and what settings do I need to make to keep the course from getting stuck on the print results slide?


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