Quizmaker Print Results Feature Not Allowing Quiz Re-launch

Hello Everyone!

I have created a course that has a main menu in which the user can access a set of quizzes (5 total). I am publishing this course for both LMS and web-ready clients. For the clients who do not have an LMS, all of my quizzes come with the print results function so that they have some type of tracking option available.

The problem is that when a user access any quiz from the main menu, the quiz will launch and work fine and the print results feature works on all 5 quizzes. However anytime the user goes back to the main menu in side the course, tries to re-launch the same quiz - the quiz does not relaunch properly from the beginning. It jumps straight back to the end of the quiz - goes to the print results "enter name" features and gets stuck on that part of the quiz. When you try to close the re-launched quiz, it tells you that you must finish the quiz (even though I have it set to allow them to leave at anytime. Also alot of the review quiz results, retake quiz and finish quiz options are missing. Only the submit feature is showing.

I have all 5 quizzes set to be viewed freely, can be taken multiple times, can be reviewed at anytime, can leave the course at any time, etc. its all unlocked.

I need the user to be able to launch the same quiz multiple times if needed in a single course and be able to print and close the course freely at will. If the user wants to take the same quiz again, I will need them to be able to do so from the beginning by going back to the main menu - selecting the quiz and then having the quiz re-launch from the beginning.

This weird behavior only started occuring when I added the print results feature. Without it - the quizzes will re-load and replay from the beginning everytime from the main menu hyperlinks. I am also publishing this course type to be web-ready.

 I am wondering if this is a browswer issue. I am using IE9 and Firefox.

Thanks Everyone

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Melissa! It sounds like maybe the resume feature in your quiz is turned on. See if this helps: Go to your quiz placeholder slide within your course, and click Edit in Quizmaker. When the quiz opens in Quizmaker, click Player Templates > Edit > Navigation, and if the box next to "Prompt to resume on quiz restart" is marked, unmark that. This will prevent the quiz from picking up where the learner last left off if they happen to return to the quiz slide a second time. 

Melissa TeHennepe

That was exactly the issue! Thanks Jeanette! Even after years of using this tool, its easy to lose track of all of those little menus everywhere.

Last quick question, if I take this same concept and publish the course to LMS versus web-ready, its seems that the print results feature does not produce a report offline (just loads the html file with no actual data). I have the course set to track one quiz, but not another.

So my question is, if I publish this to LMS versus web-ready, can I still produce an offline print results file? Or will the user only be able to view this function in a web-ready version? If possible, I would like them to be able to both print the results and track on an LMS if needed, but am not sure if that is possible or which features I may need to track or not track to achieve this.


Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Melissa - yes, you should be able to use the Print Results feature regardless of whether you launch the course from the web or from an LMS. When you test the content you've published for LMS, are you testing it after uploading your course to the LMS, and testing it by launching it from there? If not, you might be running into some browser security restrictions when viewing the course locally (and which will go away once you upload your content to the LMS and launch the course from there). 

If you're seeing a report with just the headings and no question-level detail, it might be a different issue - check out this article

Melissa TeHennepe

Hi Jeanette,

For the LMS version (lol...version creep anyone?!), I have published it, and am viewing it locally and not on the LMS. When viewing it locally, the print results will do just as you stated, it will show the bar (headings) and no question-level detail.

So is it possible on a LMS-published version, to add the print results function and view it locally (not on an LMS) and still be able to see the results? Ideally, both locally and on a LMS server.

The rational for this, is that we have a client that has an LMS and wants an LMS version but their LMS is currently down - so they would like to add the print results function in lieu of this to have some sort of tracking option until they can upload the course back up to their server. So I am seeing if I can integrate this capability to view the print results function locally in an LMS published version to supplement the limitations they face for tracking for them in the meantime. In addition, it will save me from having to send them 2 different types of courses, a web-ready version and a LMS version.


Jeanette Brooks

When you say the client needs to deploy the course outside of their LMS for the time being, do you mean they plan to host it on a web server? Or is it truly going to be deployed locally (like, via learners' hard drives or a CD or a kiosk machine)? If it's the former, then you'd want to publish for Web. If it's the latter, you'd need to publish for CD (since this prepares your course for local viewing and avoids browser security restrictions).

In either case, yeah, you'd also need to publish for LMS so that the client has a version that they can upload to their LMS at some later point when their LMS is back up and running. So yes, you'd need 2 separate outputs in order to ensure that your course functions the way it's intended, within each environment.

About the other issue you're experiencing, where the printed results don't contain any question-level detail - that shouldn't be happening if on both of your result slides you've chosen "Allow user to review quiz" as described in this article. There's also a known issue with printed results in IE8, which you can learn more about here. If you've reviewed both of those and you're still not seeing question-level detail on your output, you're welcome to submit a support case so we can take a closer look & help you troubleshoot!

Melissa TeHennepe

Thanks again Jeanette,

That is what I wanted to know!

I was just curious to see if I could get away with consistent functionality in 1 output type with the print results feature versus sending 2 different file types to clients. I kind of figured that would be the case, but wanted to investigate.

The print results feature does work on a web-ready version -  being viewed locally (which is what the majority of our clients will be doing from a business intranet). It was only on the LMS version that I could not see the print results when being viewed locally (and not on an LMS - have not tested that part yet) that I only saw the header bar with no question detail - but I am assuming that this is due to the fact that you can only see that data when running the course from an LMS correct? Sorry I just have not really messed around with the print results function and web-ready versions - new rules for me.

Thanks for all your assistance. Talk about timely! Tell those folks at Articulate I said give you a "RAISE!"

Jeanette Brooks

LOL thanks for the shout-out Melissa. And yes, you're correct, each publish option prepares the output for a specific environment (web, LMS, local, etc.) and so I think you'll see that once you publish for LMS and upload the content to a learning management system, the print results feature should function the way you expect.

Melissa TeHennepe

Hi Jeanette, its me again!

I have a new issue with the same subject matter.

I have published a course via web and in my quizzes I have added the print results feature. It is housed on a web server and I have the same course published on this web server that works fine (different version of the same course content-wise).

My newest  course will not open the attachments that are embedded in the course player. Everytime I play the course and try to open them, I get this.

It is literally turning my pdf into swf data for some reason.

Now when I remove some code in the player.html file these attachments work fine, however it will cause my print results pages to be blank. So solving one problem adds to another.

Here is the code I am referring to !-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet

Do you know why these attachments would be blocked or a method I can use to work around this? I have another course just like this one that is set-up the same way and works fine. I even went in and re-attached the files again from the network to make sure the path was working and it still does it.

Also as an FYI, they open in Firefox and not IE - I am using IE 9

Thanks again!