QM13 - Edit Results interface fails to show complete.

May 06, 2014

Hallo friends. Using Quizmaker 13 hapily up to now, today suddenly I can not edit results slides any more. After pressing  the "Edit Results" button I am having the pass result slide open without the other selectable items that are normally found in the right hand side panel. So, I can not even switch over to the Fail resuls slide and also I can not set up any other properties like Print resuts etc.  Any help please.

Thanks.   Dimitri

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Dimitrolos Krajci

Hi Leslie, thanks for your suggestions. This problem was caused by my accidental (and unnoticed) shift of the left hand border of the RESULTS SLIDE PROPERTIES pane completely to the rigtht side of the interface and this resulted in complete closure of this pane. After realising that this was the point, the remedy was simple - just locating and dragging the separation line backwards. Unfortunately, the separation line has no visible handle in open or closed status of this pane to guide the user.  Thise detail could be added in possible future upgrade of this software.

Thanks once more.  Dimitri

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