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Jan 16, 2014

I have a short course which is basically a 50 question quiz (built in new quizmaker) that displays the list of questions in random order.  Is there an easy way to show that the learner is on question 1 of 50 and so on through the list?  Basically show progress?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Mike,

It's been a pretty popular topic lately, but currently, Quizmaker '13 does not include the option to display question numbers. 

The best solution at the moment is to use the Question List and possibly adding the question number to the question - however, if your quiz is randomized, this probably would not be the best option for you. 

We've seen a lot of feature requests come in for this functionality - if you haven't already, I would recommend sending in a suggestion as well. The more feedback we see from customers, the better! 

Thanks, Mike!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Mike,

I apologize, I didn't realize you were inserting your quiz into a Presenter project. The new Studio '13 players are unified - meaning, if you insert content from Engage or Quizmaker '13 into Presenter, the Presenter player is now displayed - the features of the standalone players for the other software are not displayed at this point. 

If you were to publish a standalone quiz, however, that quiz would have the features enabled through Quizmaker '13. 

Another option would be to publish and upload your Quizmaker '13 quiz as a standalone quiz, then upload it to your server. You could then insert that quiz as a web object in Presenter '13 - this method will allow the Quizmaker player to show through in your Presenter '13 slide. Just keep in mind that previewing web objects may not always work and it's best to upload the project to a web server or LMS before testing. 

I hope that helps!

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