Question drop down list - numbers missing in quizmaker 13

In Articulate quizmaker '09 the drop down list says, "question 1 of 50" for example. When you click the drop down list you can see the sequence of numbers as well.

Apparently quizmaker 13 does not have this?  This is not an upgrade, this is a downgrade, and not very well thought out (unless there is a reason for this exclusion that I am missing?)

We have 10 exams ranging from 50 to 100 questions that get used, and with this conversion to Articulate 13, we will now have to resort back to 09 for this feature alone as it is vital to our learners.  We randomize our questions, so inserting numbers into every question is not going to work, and asking people to do so seems like an exercise in futility, as a fix on your end would solve this.

Students writing a one to two hour test, want to see which question they are on.   As well, when students wish to go back to a question they can use the drop down list to return to that numbered question, now they have to recall the wording of the question to find it.

I really hope you update your quizmaker 13 software with a fix to this ASAP, as this change does not make any sense.  Changes like this should be clearly identified to customers who are upgrading the product.  You should not eliminate features in an upgrade in my opinion.

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Tom Dorsey

I'm sure a moderator will chime in here soon with something "helpful" as "submit a feature request".... but  in the meantime, i completely agree.  

This is very unfortunate.  There is simple no explanation or reason to remove something as important as this.   Our company has used articulate for almost 8 years now and every version since at least qm2 included a question counter.  


Sandra Vasquez

trying to submit a "feature request"  through the form - but it will not submit...(arrrggghhh) 

I just upgraded to Articulate studio 13 and as I am updating a quiz that is in a series of 10 chapters each with its own quiz - I noticed the question numbering feature is now gone... (?!) I would like to request the question numbering be added back to '13.  E.g., a question list where you can see how many questions there are and where you are in your progress.  (1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10... etc).  This is an important feature for quizzes and I am surprised it was not included in the "upgrade."