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Feb 27, 2014


We all know the we can create question groups in quizmaker, but is it possible to make the question group function as per our wish.

Suppose i create 3 question groups in a quiz file, and now i want the question groups to appear only when i click some option, I dont want that particular question group to appear unless the learner clicks for it.

What is the use of a question group? anyways when we publish the file it appears altogether. Is there anyways to make it appear unless the user clicks it.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sri!

Question groups are mostly used to pool groups of questions and allow you to randomize them.

For instance, you have an HR Course that covers:

Policy and Procedure (25 questions)

Compliance (25 questions)

Time Management (25 questions)

The quiz can vary for each user by grouping the questions into pools, then let's say the actual quiz is only 30 questions with 10 random questions from each pool.

Can you give me some more information about what you are wanting to accomplish? Is this going to be graded? How would you track this information? 

sri ranjini


For example, i create 2 question groups of 50 each all are graded questions. Lets name them group A and group B.

Remember this is a standalone quiz file and have randomized the questions in groups, and i publish the file.

Now i see all the 100 questions in the output.

1. Will the questions gets randomized within the same group or different groups?

2.Can it happen that only a particular group appears first and then the next group will appear?

3. Do we have an option to choose the different groups to appear in the published file?



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